Bluetooth software

Cambridge Consultants has launched its Bluetooth v1.2-compliant Mezoe software, comprising a protocol stack and a library of application profiles.

Meeting all mandatory and optional v1.2 specification features, the profiles and protocol stack – Interface Express and BlueStack – are optimised for deeply-embedded applications with limited hardware resources.

The interaction between profiles and the host application is reduced through an optimised API design. For example, a single API call registers a profile, providing a multitude of settings such as security, device visibility and service discovery records. Such features minimize the need to understand Bluetooth protocol specifications in detail, and can speed product development.

The Mezoe software also features a compact memory management subsystem, giving developers complete control over how much system RAM is used by the Bluetooth firmware.

The load on the host’s processing resources is also minimised by ‘zero copy’ data transmission and reception functionality, which ensures that data is not copied unnecessarily between RAM locations.

Among the processors that the software has already been ported to are ARM, HC6811, MIPS, XAP and V850. The list of operating system implementations includes Windows, WinCE, QNX, Linux, Nucleus Plus and Bare-board. The software also comes with its own real-time scheduler, making it easy to use without an operating system.

The library of application profiles available to OEMs includes: BIP, BPP, CTP, DUN, FAX, FTP, HCRP, ICP, HFP, HID, HSP, LAN, OPP, PAN, SAP, SPP and SYNC. This choice includes many key utilities for realising emerging wireless products for markets outside of the core mobile phone and headset Bluetooth applications, such as HFP and SAP (Hands free and SIM access) for automotive applications, and CTP (cordless telephony) for home applications. Further profiles are in development.