Board simplifies drivers

PEP Modular Computers has developed the rugged CompactPCI board to help reduce the complexities associated with software drivers.

By employing FPGAs on this double-height, industrial I/O board, the measurement acquisition sequence control is handled by a hardware sequencer. The advantage of this process is that apart from achieving a high level of software independence, the effort required for porting to other operating systems is much simplified.

The CP671 has been targeted at industrial I/O applications and comes with support for Windows NT 4.0 and VxWorks.

The board features eight digital opto-isolated input channels, each 24V, 5.5mA nominal with an edge frequency of 2.5kHz, and eight opto-isolated output channels with 24V nominal external voltage supply at front, 500mA each channel, and with output protection for short-circuit, over-temperature, overload and underload.