Boeing and CIRA sign development agreement

Boeing and Centro Italiano Ricerche Aerospaziali (CIRA), the Italian aerospace research centre, today signed a memorandum of understanding to investigate and develop technology projects of mutual interest.

The initial focus will be on exploratory studies for technology projects associated with a number of Boeing initiatives including the Boeing 7E7 Dreamliner as well as technology projects involving the use of CIRA test facilities, including an icing wind tunnel and a plasma wind tunnel.

In addition, Boeing and CIRA will work together to define possible technology projects related to the development of Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) systems and the interoperability of UAVs within existing aviation infrastructure. Also, there will be a focus on technology projects that support Boeing’s requirements for industrial participation in Italy stemming from the Italian 767 Tanker Transport program.

‘As rich in intellectual capital as Boeing is, we are not relying exclusively on our own resources to generate new ideas and innovative solutions,’ said Miller Adams, vice president of Boeing Ventures and the technology planning and acquisition group of Boeing Phantom Works.

‘We are reaching out globally to find the best talent and technologies that can be applied to aerospace applications,’ said Adams, who signed the agreement for Boeing. ‘We are very much looking forward to working with CIRA to not only help us meet the challenges of the future, but also to shape the future.’