Boeing expects 787 delivery in third quarter

US aircraft giant Boeing said this week that it expects delivery of the first 787 Dreamliner in the third quarter of this year.

The new delayed delivery date reflects the impact of an in-flight incident during testing last November and includes the time required to produce, install and test updated software and new electrical power-distribution panels in the flight test and production airplanes.

After receiving interim software and hardware improvements, four flight-test aircraft have been subjected to extensive ground testing and a thorough review to ensure their readiness to return to flight.

A remaining two aircraft will be returning to flight in the days ahead to bring the full flight-test fleet back up to flight status.

The company said that the revised first delivery date is not expected to have a material impact on 2010 financial results.

Financial guidance and anticipated initial 787 deliveries for 2011 will be discussed in the company’s earnings call on 26 January.