Boeing finalises $655 million order

Boeing and European carrier Hapag-Lloyd Flug have finalised an order worth $655 million at list prices for 10 Boeing Next-Generation 737 passenger aeroplanes.

The new aeroplanes are part of the carrier’s fleet standardisation plans, which includes replacing its A310 with the 737-800. Deliveries to the Hanover Langenhagen-based Hapag-Lloyd will begin during the first quarter of 2006.

“We are taking advantage of the favourable exchange rate to buy the most cost-efficient aircraft available at a competitive price,” said Sebastian Ebel, member of the TUI Group board. “Standardising our fleet with the 737-800 also enables Hapag-Lloyd to reduce operational, maintenance and service costs.”

The new 737s will be fitted with Blended Winglets, which reduce aerodynamic drag. The 737-800 with Blended Winglets is 1,500 pounds lighter, can fly 260 nautical miles farther, 1,100 feet higher and climb to 35,000 feet 3.2 minutes faster while carrying 12 more passengers than competing models.