Boeing signs HISS contract

Boeing has signed a five-year contract with the US Department of Defense to provide support for aircraft used by the US Marine Corps, Italy and Spain.

The $258.5m contract offering Harrier Integrated Supply Support (HISS) was signed last week, with the possibility of a five-year extension.

The HISS program will provide logistical support for many AV-8B Harrier systems, including the management of repairs, transportation, warehousing and the implementation of new technology, to maintain the high standards needed for the aircraft at an “affordable” cost level.

‘The Harrier continues to play a vital role for war fighters in the field every day,’ said Pat Finneran, president of the Support Systems, a business unit of Boeing Integrated Defence Systems. ‘It is imperative that we prolong the life of the fleet while keeping costs affordable.’

As part of the agreement, Boeing will work with fleet readiness centres (which provide maintenance and engineering support for aircraft used by the armed services) in North Island, California and Cherry Point, North Carolina.