Bohr academy founded

The University of Copenhagen, Denmark, is founding a new international research academy named after Nobel prize-winning physicist Niels Bohr.

The Niels Bohr International Academy’s primary task will be to attract and educate elite science students from around the world through international PhD fellowships and post-doctoral scholarships. In addition, scientists from the Niels Bohr Institute and a number of international visiting researchers will form the Academy.

The aim of the Academy is to strengthen the position of Danish research as leading within the fields of theoretical physics and related subjects.

“Our aim is to expand and improve the strong position that Denmark holds within these core areas. With the new academy, the University of Copenhagen will have a new power centre where innovative theories can develop through close interplay between mathematicians and experimentalists,” said John Renner Hansen, head of the Niels Bohr Institute.

Rector Ralph Hemmingsen said, “It is essential that there are means to support great new talents within fundamental research, and that these talents are given the opportunity to develop through interaction with other elite scientists.”

The Academy will be located at the Niels Bohr Institute at Blegdamsvej in Copenhagen, and will be co-run with the Institute.