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Air International (US), a tier-one supplier to General Motors, has signed up with as a new customer for its online product lifecycle management (PLM) application.

Air International is using to centralise its bill-of-materials (BOM) management, collaborate more effectively with globally dispersed suppliers and gain a more efficient way to control changing product data.

‘Air International uses contract manufacturers and suppliers that are located around the globe,’ said Michael Repetto, program manager at Air International.

‘ provides us with a web-based tool that allows suppliers and employees to have access to the latest part and engineering change information at any time of day from any place in the world. We can obtain quotations from multiple potential suppliers in one-third less time, thus directly impacting our competitiveness. And the product change management module has streamlined our change process, resulting in change implementation that is also one-third faster – and much more effective.’

Air International selected to address several of the costly issues it was facing during design and manufacturing. The company’s change review process entailed weekly, full-team meetings that drained resources and slowed development. Getting a new product quoted required time-consuming, manual supplier communication that limited the number of quotes the company could obtain. Air International chose for functionality that solved these problems and for its online architecture, which makes communication and collaboration across the supply chain fast and secure. provides a centralised environment for managing product data, allowing OEMs, suppliers and outsourced partners to collaborate in real time around a single set of information regardless of geographic location or IT infrastructure. This is particularly valuable for organisations that need a secure way to share continually changing product data with contract manufacturers. is available for an annual subscription of $995 per user with no set-up or installation fees. Customers can access from any computer with a web browser. There is no traditional software to buy, install, maintain or upgrade.

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