Bombardier awarded RENFE services contract

A consortium comprising Bombardier Transportation and Patentes Talgo has been awarded 258 million Euros to maintain Spanish National Railways’ fleet of AVE 102 trains for 14 years.

Bombardier Transportation and Patentes Talgo have been awarded a services contract worth 258 million Euros by Spanish National Railways (RENFE).

Bombardier’s share in the contract is said to be around 124 million Euros. Under the contract, Bombardier and Patentes Talgo will maintain RENFE’s fleet of 16 AVE 102 very high-speed trains for a period of 14 years.

Bombardier will be responsible for the preventive and corrective maintenance of the train power heads, power supply, signalling and propulsion system and auxiliaries.

Bombardier and Talgo are currently producing RENFE’s fleet of 16 AVE 102 trains, which will be used on Spain’s high-speed line between Madrid, Barcelona and the French border town of Le Perthus. Deliveries of the trains started in October 2003 and are scheduled to end in December 2004.