Bombardier’s turboprops for Tassili

Tassili Airlines of Algiers, Algeria, has signed a $103m contract with Bombardier Aerospace for four 74-seat Q400 turboprop airliners. Deliveries are scheduled to begin in the third quarter of 2007.

A subsidiary of the Sonatrach State Energy Group, Tassili Airlines will initially transport workers to several oil fields in Algeria. It plans to add domestic and international scheduled airline service within the next few years.

Captain Rachid Nouar, Director of Operations at Tassili Airlines, said, ‘Bombardier’s Q- Series and Dash 8 turboprops have proven to have a high reliability in the sometimes harsh North African climate. In addition, the Q400 aircraft has an unbeatable performance in very high temperature conditions.’

Firm orders for the Bombardier Q400 aircraft stood at 177 aircraft in 30 April 2006 with 118 aircraft delivered to operators in Europe, North America, Africa and the Asia/Pacific region.