Bookham Technology acquires Measurement Microsystems

UK-based Bookham Technology has acquired the privately held Canadian firm Measurement Microsystems.

Based in Quebec, Canada, Measurement Microsystems develops algorithms and Digital Signal Processing (DSP) solutions, which enable optimised signal extraction using DWDM optical components.

Under the terms of the agreement, Bookham Technology will acquire all of the outstanding ordinary shares of Measurement Microsystems. The total acquisition consideration will be no more than $47.5 million, of which $10 million will be paid in cash and the remainder by the issue of new Ordinary Shares in Bookham Technology, depending on the satisfactory completion of specific technical and business-based milestones.

Bookham Technology will combine Measurement Microsystems’ DSP algorithms for optical signal extraction with its own advanced DWDM technology.

‘Our immediate plans are to apply their technology to our existing optical channel monitor (OCM) product line, where we already have a strong product position which we can further enhance,’ indicated Giorgio Anania, President, Bookham Technology.

Earlier this month, Bookham announced a multi-million dollar agreement to supply optical components to Fujitsu Telecommunications. Under the terms of the deal, Bookham Technology will supply Fujitsu with up to 10,000 wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) bi-directional transceiver modules per month for use in Fujitsu’s FBX-Access platform.

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