Boost for green energy in the UK

The UK’s Minister for Energy, Brian Wilson, has launched a statutory consultation on measures that will lead to an increase in the amount of ‘green’ electricity generated in Britain.

According to a statement from the UK’s Department of Trade and Industry, the Renewables Obligation is the key to securing 10% of electricity sales from renewable energy by 2010.

These latest proposals will give a £1 billion boost to renewable energy sources and will encourage new, cleaner technologies to extract energy from waste rather than incineration.

The proposals will also set out the detailed legal framework for the Obligation; and point to even more ambitious targets for renewable energy for the longer term.

‘I’ve listened to the comments made in the last consultation and am satisfied that these policies will encourage generation from truly renewable energy sources, minimising all harmful emissions,’ said Mr Wilson.

Cleaner technologies such as pyrolysis and gasification will be encouraged as an alternative to mass burn waste incineration.

Furthermore, electricity from these techniques will only receive support under the Obligation for the biodegradable element of the waste.

Energy from waste incineration and energy from fossil waste will not count towards the Obligation but electricity generated from biomass (such as energy crops) will be eligible for the Obligation.

‘This Government will back the generators who invest in green power plant. Energy from all new hydro power stations will be eligible for the Obligation, including those over 20MW,’ said Mr Wilson, confirming the government’s ‘New Deal for Hydro that was announced recently. ‘Also those of or under 20MW that have been built or refurbished since 1989 will now qualify, alongside smaller hydro-schemes (under 1.25MW) which do not have to be refurbished.’

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