Boost for nanotech in Midlands

The emerging science of Nanotechnology – which scientists speculate will one day enable almost complete control over the structure of matter – has received a boost in the UK thanks to a £639,000 grant awarded to the University of Birmingham.

The Joint Research Equipment grant means that the University has now raised £1.4 million to fund research into Micro-scale devices (MEMS).

Led by Professor Philip Prewett, the study team will conduct research into projects ranging from microelectromechanical robotic microsystems to flat panel imaging displays, high-speed vacuum microelectronics and microscopic implants to restore hearing.

Two of Professor Prewett’s first purchases will be a state of the art electron beam fabrication tool (capable of writing patterns on the nanometre scale) and an inductively coupled plasma etcher which will be used to produce microscopic mechanical components in silicon.