Boost for Scottish health technology

Scottish Enterprise Renfrewshire has awarded £100,000 to Innovation Centres Scotland to grow a Scottish supply chain of ‘wellness’ innovation and technology companies.

The scheme aims to support companies who are using innovative preventative healthcare products and services to help avoid more severe problems and increase an individual’s ability to live independently.

Tom Ogilvie, CEO of Innovation Centres Scotland said: ‘We are delighted to be working on this project as we have worked with a growing number of companies planning innovative technologies and solutions for this sector over the last few years. Scotland definitely has the entrepreneurs and forward thinking companies who can develop innovative ideas and technologies to reach this sector. Innovation Centres Scotland has the reach to be able to help these companies through their extensive experience in supporting new market entrants through all stages of product and business development.’

David Cross from Scottish Enterprise Renfrewshire said: ‘We can see significant economic impact potential in developing ‘wellness’ as a focused market push for Scotland. The initial feasibility study identified individual lifestyle management and independent living as two key areas where a pipeline of companies can be developed to benefit from the growth of this global market sector.’

Innovation Centres Scotland is a private-public joint venture which provides accommodation built specifically for high-growth businesses in technology-based markets in the world. It also manages Wireless Innovation, an initiative which supports and advises mobile, wireless and infrastructure companies across Scotland.