Bored of the rings

SKF has sold Ovako Ajax, its US steel ring-manufacturing unit in York, SC, to eXpert Forge & Machine of Delaware.

Ovako Ajax’s seamless rolled ring products serve the industrial, bearing and power generation markets. The company, with 60 employees and a manufacturing capacity of 20,000 tonnes of rolled rings per year, has yearly sales of SEK 180 million.

Ovako Ajax was a division of Ovako Steel; itself an SKF Group Company, but the sales operations of Ovako Steel in the USA will not be affected by the deal.

Ovako Steel is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of rolled rings with a production capacity of about 65,000 tons/year, corresponding to about 4 million rings per year.

The company produces rings on two other production sites in addition to the US Ovako Ajax site, which has been sold. The other two production sites are Ovako Steel in Hofors, Sweden and Ovako La Fouleries in Carignan, France.

While the Swedish and French sites concentrate on the production of smaller, lightweight rings, the Ajax site manufactures larger, heavier products with a minimum outside diameter of 250 mm and a minimum weight of 9kgs.

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