Both sides now

A new LCD display from Sharp can simultaneously display two different images. Which of the two images the viewer actually sees is simply dependent on the angle that the display is viewed from.

Using a number of proprietary technologies, such as a parallax barrier superimposed on an ordinary TFT LCD, the LCD works by sending light from the backlight into right and left directions.

Sharp believes that there are many applications where such a display might find a home.

In the home, one user could use the display as a PC screen, while another could simultaneously watch video content such as a movie or a TV program.

In an automobile, a single LCD would be able to provide a map to a driver, as well as allowing a passenger to watch a DVD.

In the advertising business, the new display could be used to deliver two different advertising messages on the same screen – the message the viewer sees will simply be dependant on the direction he approaches the monitor from.

LCD reflected in a mirror: one users sees TV images (right) while another surfs the Internet (left).

Volume production of the new Sharp LCD will begin this month.