Brain power

An electronic ‘brain’ designed to improve a ship’s fighting capability is to be installed on the Royal Navy frigate HMS Montrose as part of a £15m capability upgrade.

This will be the first installation of the Royal Navy’s command system, DNA(2), which has been developed alongside BAE Systems to provide more efficient support and defence capabilities for the Type 23 frigate.

Based on a similar system used on Type 45 Destroyers, the command centre will use a series of sensors to communicate surrounding threats to crew members and allow them to direct weapons towards air, surface and underwater threats.

Other upgrades include the installation of the Sea Wolf Mid Life Update (SWMLU) to ensure that missile systems can meet future threats and 12km of cabling for the installation of an updated IT system.

Quentin Davies, UK minister for defence equipment and support, said: ‘This is a comprehensive upgrade to both Montrose’s operational systems and her self-defence capability, and represents a significant investment in the fleet.’