Bravo v7.0 takes a manufacturing approach

With the launch of Bravo version 7.0, Applicon is restating its position as a leading CAD/CAM supplier in the UK and Europe. The impressive new release offers a wide range of new features.

Bravo v7.0 places strong emphasis on manufacturing. The CAD and CAM are fully integrated with each other, and with Applicon’s PDM system, so all data and commands are common to all functions. As a result, conceptual designs can be converted to NC toolpaths extremely rapidly, using a minimal series of on-screen commands, and toolpath verification is faster and more accurate.

With the `top down’ approach to design, designers can begin by creating the overall assembly, then develop each part and component from within this in order to ensure optimal fit and performance. Parts can be manipulated with respect to one another, and assembled with placement constraints to ensure that all relationships (such as alignments, mating faces and dimensions) are maintained. Once created, component designs can be stored in the Bravo library of parts and recalled subsequently for use in other designs.

According to Applicon, real time interactive machining simulation is another feature. Rather than postprocessing, the machine tool driver generates machine code and machining operations as G Code, as the programmer is defining the machining process.

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