Bridge over CompactPCI

The Olympus 1000 from SBS Technologies is a 6U CompactPCI system/non-system slot controller featuring the IBM PowerPC 750CXe processor and a GT-64260 dual PCI bridge.

The board functions as a RSS Universal CPU (RU-CPU) and can operate in active, isolated and peripheral modes, making it suitable for advanced routing and switching applications.

On the OS front, it supports Wind River Systems’ recently released Tornado 2.2 / VxWorks 5.5 development platform.

‘Olympus 1000 can operate within a High Availability (HA) system environment, such as the SBS Technologies Cascade SE2.16, performing configuration and arbitration operations and servicing interrupts. As a non-HA system controller, it supports a standard 8-slot CompactPCI backplane at 33 MHz,’ said Dan Moore, president of the SBS communications and enterprise group.

The GT-64260 bridge provides two interfaces: PCI 0 is a 64-bit 66 MHz hot-swap-compliant CompactPCI bus, while PCI 1 can function at 33 MHz or 66 MHz and 32 or 64-bits wide. Olympus 1000 also includes a secondary 32-bit PCI bus, which is isolated from the primary PCI bus by a 21154 PCI-to-PCI bridge. This allows the board to support more PCI devices downstream on the secondary side and allows the mixing of legacy boards with newer, faster PMCs.

The board is PICMG 2.16-compliant and sports two 10/100Base-T Ethernets. An additional 10/100Base-T Ethernet is available on the front panel RJ-45. An optional rear transition module provides access to two serial ports, an IDE hard drive, hard drive activity LED, and optionally, the PICMG 2.16 Ethernet ports.

The Olympus 1000 has a list price of $4,395 and is available now.

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