British Energy loan to be subject of Judicial Review

Ecotricity and Greenpeace have today been granted leave to proceed with a Judicial Review of the UK government’s £650 million loan to British Energy.

The High Court has today given Ecotricity and Greenpeace leave to proceed with a Judicial Review of the Government’s decision to loan £650 million to private nuclear generator, British Energy. The case will be heard the week of 27th January 2003.

Ecotricity and Greenpeace argued in court that the loan was a breach by the UK Government, of European Union law, which requires member states to get EU approval before providing state aid to companies. They also argued that the loan is distorting the electricity market and damaging renewable energy companies like Ecotricity.

Dale Vince, Managing Director of Ecotricity said, ‘ I am sure that this news will be welcomed by the public, who don’t want to pay for nuclear power and would rather see renewable energy take its place.’

Greenpeace Campaigner Emma Gibson said, ‘We are delighted to be able to go court to try and get this money paid back into the public purse. Greenpeace believes the loan is not only unlawful, but that it is distorting the market and damaging truly clean energy providers like Ecotricity’.