Bug zapper

An air disinfection system can kill kill bacteria, viruses and fungi in an enclosed environment.

An air disinfection system developed in the UK by scientists at INOV8 can kill kill bacteria in an enclosed environment.

The system operates on a continuous basis, emitting hydroxyl radicals that kill bacteria, viruses and fungi, whilst simultaneously inhibiting any release of ozone into the atmosphere.

Testing of the system has shown that a room, heavily contaminated with pathogens, is cleaned to below detectable levels within a matter of minutes. 

Equally, tests have also shown that surface contamination, even where the pathogens are associated with proteins (blood, for instance) is reduced to below infection levels if the background hydroxyl radical levels are raised.

Testing time: Bacillus subtilis (a surrogate for anthrax) was nebulised into a chamber at a high concentration.  Samples taken from the untreated chamber were cultured on the plate on the left, showing the growth of the bacillus. Samples taken from the chamber after an exposure to the hydroxyl radical for less than 1 minute were cultured onto the plate on the right!