Building on the past

Autodesk’s new building systems products – Building Mechanical and Building Electrical – use smart objects that are updated as a design develops.

Autodesk’s new building systems products – Autodesk Building Mechanical and Autodesk Building Electrical – are now available in the US.

Built on top of Autodesk Architectural Desktop 3.3 and AutoCAD 2002 software, the new applications bring a model-based design approach to mechanical and electrical engineering disciplines, enhancing design co-ordination, particularly during design development and construction documentation.

In a model-based design, construction documentation is based on a single, consistent digital building model that promotes a clearer, more comprehensive view of the entire building.

The specialised content of Autodesk Building Mechanical and Autodesk Building Electrical allows engineers to design with objects like ducts, pipes, or wires that ‘know’ their form, fit, and function and behave according to real-world properties.

These ‘smart’ objects are automatically updated and changed as the design develops. The resulting model, which can be authored in 2D or 3D, allows engineers to check for system interferences, create an accurate bill of materials, and visualise interactions between complex mechanical and electrical systems components and the building structure.

Design co-ordination among architects and engineers is enhanced, resulting in fewer construction documentation errors and reduced field rework. As with Autodesk Architectural Desktop, designers maintain the flexibility to design in 2D or 3D as needed by the task at hand and their accustomed mode of work.

Autodesk Building Mechanical and Autodesk Building Electrical provide predefined design content (dimensional and performance information about the pipes, ducts, conduits, and other elements essential for designing mechanical and electrical systems) for the most common components in a building model.

As expanded content libraries and additional components become available, they will be delivered through incremental software extensions, which can be downloaded through the subscription module on Autodesk Point A, a one-stop access point for managing subscription licenses.

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