Buying test and measurement

On the heels of its recent North American restructuring, EADS North America has acquired test and measurement specialist Racal Instruments in a deal worth $105 million.

EADS North America has acquired the Racal Instruments Group for $105 million.

Racal Instruments employs more than 320 people in the US (Irvine, CA, and San Antonio, TX) UK, Europe and Asia and supports both commercial and military customers worldwide.

With a yearly revenue $84 million, it designs, manufactures, sells and services electronic test and measurement equipment and systems. It has facilities in the US, UK, France, Italy and Germany and a sales and support network in over 80 countries.

Upon completion of the transaction, Racal Instruments Incorporated (Irvine, CA and San Antonio, TX) will transfer to EADS North America Defense Company.

Racal Instruments UK, Europe and Asia will be transferred to EADS Test and Services in the Defense and Security Systems Division of EADS.

EADS formed the EADS North America Defense Company as a result of a restructuring of its defence businesses late last month.

The company initially includes the existing operations of EADS Test and Services (formerly Applied Research Corporation – ARC), and EADS North America Defense and Security Systems. EADS says that it will add other lines of business later.

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