C++ rewrite HELPS CAD face the FUTURE

Matra Datavision has completely rewritten its CADCAM system in its C++ development language, Cas.cade, so users will have access to some of the performance and functionality that can be expected from the company’s software architecture. Euclid 3, Matra’s existing high-end engineering software suite, will continue to be maintained and developed, but Euclid Quantum, as the new system is called, will have a very different look and feel to it.

The user interface is intelligent and looks minimalist. That is because it only throws options at the user that are relevant to the task at hand. The engineer who is already at home designing in 3D, is likely to be up and running fairly quickly on Quantum, with no need for lengthy training.

Currently Euclid Quantum includes four applications: Euclid Designer, Euclid Analyst, Euclid Machinist and Euclid Design Manager. The Design Manager is responsible for managing parts, assemblies and processes. All four of these applications are linked by Euclid Desktop. The Desktop treats electronic product data as consistent, feature-based technological models and can take advantage of Web-based communciations.

Particularly clever is the Analysis Reporter in the Engineering Analysis product, which keeps track of analysis intent and input for trial runs. The Geometry Quality Checker then rapidly verifies and repairs model geometry before meshing.

According to Matra Datavision, the Design Manager is the only data management product around that lets product team members introduce data from their personal area into an intermediate work group area, thereby giving parallel data access to the entire product team before the final validation of a project.