Video of the week: Cabin made from upcycled materials and 3D-printed parts

This week’s video comes from UC Berkeley where Associate Professor of Architecture Ronald Rael has built a ‘Cabin of Curiosities’ with upcycled materials and 3D-printed parts.

Originally unveiled in May 2018, the habitable, water-tight structure in Oakland was built with help from Rael’s partner Virginia San Fratello of San Jose State University, students and alumni from Berkeley’s College of Environmental Design, and was supported by Berkeley’s Bakar Fellowship.

In this video, they explain how things like discarded grape skins, salt, cement and sawdust were turned into building materials to create the functional, sustainable living space.

Ron and Virginia

In March, 2018, Rael’s Cabin of Curiosities won the 2018 3D Pioneers Challenge, an international additive manufacturing technologies competition. A Q&A with Rael can be found here.

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