One of the best entry-level mechanical CAD systems around, Pro/Jr, has been upgraded to resemble ProEngineer, Parametric Technology’s high-end system.

At the core of PT/Products, now available from Definitive Applications, is the modeller, a feature-based solid modelling design tool. Users can pick and place features such as shells, drafts, variable-and-constant-radius rounds and chamfers, as well as quickly sketch extruded, revolved, swept or blended protrusions.

Because the modeller uses a single database, the system provides assembly capabilities, production drawings, and the ability to make engineering changes at any time.

Another module in the software suite is PT/Library, which provides access to the PT basic library, where parametric components can be easily inserted into assemblies to avoid duplication of work. Additionally, PT/Mill and PT/Turn define the manufacturing processes needed to cut parts. Associativity between design and manufacturing software means that translations from one database to another are eliminated, and the geometry cannot be lost or compromised.

A module called PT/ImporTools diagnoses and corrects some of the problems experienced when converting 3D surface or solids data. It contains a set of functions for rectifying the typical problems of gaps between surfaces and poorly aligned vertices.

Finally, PT/Render provides the ability to create photo-realistic images, which can help when selling a concept or product inside or outside the company.

Figure 1: Bicycle shock absorber designed in PT/Modeler

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