CAD ‘old hands’ join forces

Fierce competition in the engineering CAD marketplace has resulted in a merger of two of the heavyweights: Parametric Technology and Computervision. Customers will have to wait and see how this venture is going to benefit them, but in the meantime it is worth having a look at a CAD system from CV that has been built ‘from the ground up’ for Microsoft’s Windows 95 and NT.

DesignWave tackles some of the communication problems associated with purely geometrically based CAD. ‘True Context CAD’ is the suitably obscure catchphrase selected to outline the benefits. What this means is that by eliminating copying of geometry, assemblies are always current. There are no boundaries between parts files and assembly files, so users don’t have to manipulate files to build assemblies.

For modelling products, DesignWave gives drag-and-drop features editing, as well as options for creating features like hollows, projections and ribs. Unlike some older systems, users can have multiple solid bodies in the same part or multiple profiles in the same sketch or add relationships between sketches.

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