Caddyrack club handle

Have you noticed that golfers will practice their swing just about anywhere, and at anytime. There you are standing by the coffee machine discussing the finer points of some presentation or other when suddenly they grip their hands together, stare intently at the floor, balance their weight and mime hitting a golf ball. Why? Tennis players don’t mime their service, footballers don’t mime the throw in, and rugby players definitely don’t tackle their colleagues in the corridor, but for some strange reason golfers are compelled to grip and wiggle at every opportunity.

Well now this strange golfing behaviour can stop because Caddyrack has produced the SwingGyde, a club handle attachment that provides a physical guide for the golfers hands, to correct and improve positioning and grip. It is a cylindrical right-angled part demanding high strength and durability. Caddyrack has used Capron 8202 BK 102, a low viscosity grade resin from Allied Signals Plastics to mould the product, because it is strong and light weight and is easy flow and suitable for moulding a long thin part.