Calculation Management

Mathsoft Engineering & Education has launched a four-part web-based seminar that highlights the corporate benefits of Calculation Management.

Presented by a mixture of Mathsoft technical experts and industry analysts, the web seminars are designed to show organisations how to increase productivity, enhance collaboration, shorten product life-cycles and improve design by tracking and managing calculations as a critical design and engineering process.

Each Web seminar session is a standalone event that delves into a critical aspect of Calculation Management. As a series, they provide a detailed explanation of Calculation Management, a discussion of its organisational value, specific user scenarios and insight into how it complements and extends Product Life-Cycle Management (PLM) systems.

The specific topics to be covered are:

‘Calculation Management and Product Life-Cycle Management: How They Are Intrinsic to Critical Data Management, and Where They Intersect.’

‘Calculation Management: A Necessity for Managing and Leveraging Critical Data – A User Perspective.’

‘Calculation Management within the Emerging Framework of Product Life-Cycle Management (PLM).’

‘Leverage Your Data Assets or Watch Your Business Die.’

The Web seminar series runs through December 16th. Additional details, including dates, times and registration, can be found online by clicking <a href=’,,2364,00.html’>here</a>.

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