Calibration generators for reactive and toxic gases

Well known for disposable calibration gas mixtures, MicroGas has now introduced two simple to use, CE marked alternatives to cylinder gases – electrochemical calibration gas generators. These next generation units are cost effective and complement the MicroGas range of products and services to industrial, health & safety and environmental sectors. Called the MicroGas MiniCal and the MicroGas EC Cal, they can primarily be used for generating very reactive and toxic gases which can have limited shelf life in cylinders.

MicroGas MiniCal is powered by two AA batteries and is claimed to be the world’s most compact and least complicated gas generator available, for accurately testing hydrogen sulphide, hydrogen cyanide, hydrogen or chlorine gas sensors. It is small enough to fit inside a shirt pocket allowing hands-free calibration of a detection system.

The second new addition is the hand held MicroGas EC Cal with both battery driven or plug-in DC powering options. This offers 21st century technical versatility in gas generation and accurate testing for chlorine, hydrogen, hydrogen cyanide, and hydrogen sulphide. The MicroGas EC Cal has an LCD display and is microprocessor-controlled allowing the user to alter the flow rate and adjust the ppm concentration.

Another very useful benefit is that this generator can be used to calibrate instruments that have passive diffusion sensors or internal sample pumps. It also has a built-in mass flow controller that automatically compensates for altitude and temperature. The generating cells are now interchangeable and field-replaceable, which, as a total package, provides many important handling and calibration advantages over less modern counterparts.

Electrochemical calibration gas generators are available from stock. Technical advice is available on the MicroGas freefone: 0808 100 44 27