Calor offers businesses a lift

LPG supplier Calor is offering forklift truck users a site survey to help businesses save money and enjoy environmental benefits by using the correct fuel and storage.

Warwick-based Calor stated members of a team of technicians would visit interested companies to assess a client’s needs, recommend solutions, design a tailored solution and provide guidance on relevant HSE regulations.

Sabrina Jackson, Calor’s Bulk Marketing Manager, said: ‘LPG is well established in the industry, with all the major manufacturers offering the fuel in their product ranges. LPG delivers a number of benefits compared to alternative forklift truck fuels, including up to 95 per cent reduction in NOx emissions compared to diesel as well as less carbon build up on engines, less oil contamination and less overall engine wear.’

Diesel is also subject to strict fuel storage legislation meaning businesses can face fines for environmental damage caused as a result of a fuel spillage long after the incident occurred, and even after the company has moved premises.

Jackson said that whereas electric forklift trucks can take eight hours to recharge, LPG trucks could be filled quickly and save storage space dedicated to battery charging.

Electric powered forklifts are also subject to the proposed Batteries Directive which would ensure safe disposal of batteries, which could be passed on in the price of the batteries.

Calor said it operates the UK‘s largest LPG delivery network and offers The Think Tank telemetry system which automatically monitors the level of LPG within the tank to ensure that business should never run out of gas.