Cambridge Consultants spin-out seeks to grow wind energy

Cambridge Consultants has announced the spin-out of Aveillant with venture investment from DFJ Esprit and the Aviation Investment Fund Company — the wind industry fund.

It is claimed Aveillant’s technology will remove concerns about aviation safety and air defence that are holding back growth in the wind energy industry.

Currently 66 per cent of all wind farm applications, equating to 6.5GW of electricity, are being delayed due to this problem in the UK alone.

As aircraft fly above wind farms current radar systems have struggled to distinguish between the aircraft and the rotating turbine blades, potentially causing air traffic controllers to lose sight of the aircraft on primary radar display screens.

Aveillant will exploit a step-change in the development of radar technology in the form of its proprietary 3D holographic radar.

The Aveillant system will be able to recognise the presence and position of even small aircraft in the vicinity of the largest wind turbines, providing a level of accuracy that will assure safe separation of aircraft and turbine in the most demanding airspace.

This first part of a multi-million pound investment is being funded though a consortium of Cambridge Consultants, venture capitalist DFJ Esprit, and the wind industry’s funding body, the Aviation Investment Fund Company. Founders Gordon Oswald and Craig Webster from Cambridge Consultants are both joining Aveillant.