Cambridge Nanotherm to build prototype manufacturing plant

Cambridge Nanotherm is to build its first prototype manufacturing plant in Haverhill, UK following the award of £250,000 in matched funding from the Technology Strategy Board (TSB).

The company has developed and patented a nanoceramic-aluminium substrate for thermal management of electronics which is claimed to offer the potential for major cost reductions and environmental benefits in electronics manufacturing.

The company says its nanotherm substrate technology uses a proprietary nano-ceramic coating process to create a dielectric layer directly on to the surface of an aluminium substrate.

The nano-ceramic dielectric layer is between two and 10 times thinner than its competitors and achieves thermal resistance of 0.014Ccm2/W.

It also has a dielectric thermal conductivity of 7W/mK which is 2-3 times higher than conventional MB PCB (metal back printed circuit board) dielectric materials.

With the financial support from the TSB and from Cambridge Nanotherm shareholder Enso Ventures, the new facility will be a development platform for electronic applications of Nanotherm technology such as LED lighting and power electronics; and demonstrate the manufacturability of Nanotherm substrates in a volume production environment to potential licensees of the technology.