Cambridge Pixel supplies radar scan converters to BAE

Cambridge Pixel, a developer of primary radar, acquisition, processing and display systems, has secured a £600,000 contract to supply its SPx radar scan converters to BAE Mission Systems, for deployment on the British Royal Navy’s Type 45 destroyers and the Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carriers.

BAE Mission Systems, based in New Malden and Portsmouth, England, has integrated Cambridge Pixel’s software-based SPx radar scan converter into its command and control client software, thus enabling radar video to be received from multiple radars on-board the ships into a server application and then distributed over Ethernet networks to command and control displays across the ship.

The server application is built from Cambridge Pixel’s HPx-100 radar acquisition cards and SPx software modules for compression and network interfacing.

The new client-side software radar video rendering provides enhanced flexibility and capability at a reduced cost over previous-generation hardware rendering solutions.