Cambridge wi-fi radio comes to market

Cambridge-based single-chip wireless device designer CSR has developed and launched Cambridge Consultants’ Iona low-power wi-fi radio as the RadioPro platform.

The radio has an eBOM (engineering bill of materials) of £7.78, which Cambridge Consultants says makes it the lowest cost wi-fi radio for web-based applications.

Cambridge Consultants’ design can support over 10,000 radio stations through a dedicated portal and accesses software upgrades automatically via its wi-fi connection. The design’s flexible architecture also allows full customisation of the user interface and menus through a dedicated software development kit.

The platform is based on two low-power chips from CSR: UniFi, CSR’s single-chip wi-fi solution and the Multimedia Application Processor (MAP), a highly integrated chip with Cambridge Consultants’ XAP processor, a DSP and a stereo codec. The low-power design of RadioPro boasts up to 25 hours of active streaming time running on a 1500mAh battery.

Tracy Hopkins, vice president of CSR’s consumer business unit, said: ‘RadioPro is a breakthrough design that enables our customers to penetrate this market quickly, at lower risk and at low-cost to the consumer. Cambridge Consultants’ ability to help us deliver such a large development project successfully was crucial in getting to market quickly.’

Duncan Smith, head of consumer products for Cambridge Consultants, said: ‘The combination of our creative engineering and CSR’s excellence in low-cost silicon systems has delivered a platform of great versatility. It has the potential to be applied not only to internet radio but also to new categories of low-cost web-enabled products and services, opening up new markets and delighting next year’s consumers.’