Camera link cable length enhancer

Basler Vision Components has developed a new product to extend the cable length of Camera Link-based interfaces. Dubbed the giga-BIC, the device enables cameras and PCs to be separated by up to 100 meters.

The Basler giga-BIC converts the image data coming from cameras into Gigabit Ethernet format and sends it to PCs over standard, economical CAT5 copper cables up to 100 meters long.

When common Gigabit Ethernet switches are added, connection distances easily extend beyond 100 meters, and image data can be sent simultaneously to more than one PC.

The giga-BIC allows access to all camera features, such as gain, offset, and exposure time, using Basler’s Windows based CCT+ (Camera Configuration Tool).

The giga-BIC comes with viewer software and a Software Development Kit to aid installation and quick start up.