Camera Link image acquisition

National Instruments has announced several new image acquisition boards for machine vision and scientific imaging, including the new NI PCI-1426 low-cost image acquisition board for base-configuration Camera Link cameras.

The PCI-1426 is the newest NI image acquisition board in a suite of digital and high-performance Camera Link image acquisition devices.

The PCI-1426 board features onboard image binarisation, 16 MBytes of onboard memory and an optically isolated 15-pin D-Sub connector for camera triggering and system synchronization. Delivering an affordable solution for base-configuration Camera Link cameras, the new PCI-1426 completes the suite of NI Camera Link image acquisition boards.

The suite includes the NI PCI-1428 image acquisition board for medium-configuration Camera Link cameras and the NI PCIe-1429, the industry’s first PCI Express frame grabber, for full-configuration Camera Link cameras. The PCI-1426, PCI-1428 and NI PCIe-1429 boards are suitable for both high-speed, industrial inspection applications and high-resolution scientific imaging applications.

Additionally, NI released two new analog image acquisition boards, the high-performance NI PCI-1410 and the low-cost NI PCI-1405. The monochrome, four-channel PCI-1410 offers support for nonstandard analog cameras and eliminates the need for extra synchronization signals to acquire nonstandard images. The PCI-1405 is a low-cost, colour image acquisition board for applications such as security monitoring.