Cameras for wireless devices

LightSurf Technologies is developing a series of miniaturised, embeddable digital imaging solutions with wireless communications capabilities. The first of these embeddable products will be a miniature digital camera module smaller than a sugar cube.

The ‘digital eye’ modules will be integrated into next generation cellular phones and clip-on accessory cameras, as well as PDAs and other wireless imaging devices that will enable mobile device users to capture, display and transmit high-quality digital photographs through wireless networks to other devices and platforms worldwide.

The ‘digital eye’ modules will include a complete camera on a chip, CMOS imaging sensor, miniaturised lens and LightSurf’s embedded wireless acceleration and smart peer-to-peer imaging software. The technology supports peer-to-peer image sharing over today’s wireless networks as well as tomorrow’s 3G networks. The modules will be manufactured and distributed by component manufacturing and silicon companies.

LightSurf has already announced partnerships with Motorola, Eastman Kodak Company, Agilent and SoundVision. LightSurf is collaborating with these companies on a number of business and consumer applications of its wireless visual communications technology and services.

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