Canada orders Boeing Globemaster

Boeing and the Canadian government have signed an agreement for the purchase of four C-17 Globemaster IIIs for Canada’s Department of National Defence. The aircraft will provide new strategic airlift capabilities for Canadian Forces.

Boeing will deliver the aircraft from its Long Beach, California, factory where the airlifters are assembled. The first delivery will occur as soon as autumn, 2007.

Boeing is on contract to design, build, deliver and support 190 US Air Force C-17s. The new Canadian C-17s are already factored into the C-17 production plan and will not extend the Long Beach production line beyond mid-2009, when the last C-17 is scheduled for delivery.

In addition to the 160 C-17s now in service with the US Air Force, the UK’s Royal Air Force operates four C-17s, and the Royal Australian Air Force in late 2006 took delivery of its first of four C-17s. With this announcement, Canada will become the fourth nation to operate C-17s.