Canada renews commitment to International Space Station

Neptec Design Group has welcomed the announcement by the government of Canada that the country intends to join its international partners in renewing its commitment to the International Space Station (ISS) until 2020.

Canada is one of 15 international partners — along with the US, Russia, Japan and Europe — in the ISS, a unique, orbiting research lab focused on cutting-edge science and research.

‘This is excellent news; it marks a clear sign that Canada intends to continue to play a role as one of the world’s pre-eminent, space-faring nations,’ said Neptec president Iain Christie. ‘Neptec has a long history of participating in the manned space-exploration programme, and this announcement means we’ll continue to find opportunities where we can use our long experience and hard-earned expertise into the next decade.’

Neptec’s technology, including its Space Vision System — which was used to help assemble the ISS and its TriDAR vision system — will be used to help guide Orbital Sciences’ Cygnus resupply vehicle to the ISS when resupply flights begin later this year.