Can’t start a fire without – water?

In a rather novel twist to gas-fired hot water heater design, Junkers/Bosch Thermo Technology is using water power for the ignition of its new Hydro Power burner.

When a tap is opened, the water running through the boiler drives the turbine of a hydrodynamic generator, which then generates the electrical power required to ignite the burner. No other source of energy is needed.

In contrast to conventional water heaters, a generator operated boiler, just like a battery operated one, does not require a constantly burning pilot light in stand-by mode.

With their electronic ignition, the new hot water heaters only heat the water when the user turns on the hot water tap. When it’s turned off, the boiler will again shut down. Since only the amount of water actually needed is heated on the basis of the instantaneous-flow-principle, a Hydro Power burner uses about 25 percent less gas than a conventional boiler with a constantly burning pilot light.

Junkers/Bosch Thermotechnology offers various Hydro Power models for individual hot water requirements with flow rates ranging from eleven to 18 Litres per minute.

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