Capitalising on the UK’s talent for innovation

Business development agency, Nimtech has announced the launch of Devex a range of new support services which it reckons will go a long way towards helping the UK’s many companies and inventors to capitalise on the country’s immense and recognised talent for innovation.

The company feels that Britain has always been a powerhouse of creative ideas but, all too often, it has failed to take full commercial advantage of them. The purpose of Devex, the company says, is to help redress this imbalance by offering help with everything from the initial funding to commercial research and development work. The first of these services, Devex Broadcaster, will help companies and individuals with marketable new ideas to promote them to a huge audience of potential buyers and investors throughout the world.

Finding the right business contacts can be critical to the success of an invention, so Devex Broadcaster has been specifically designed to bring new technology and other innovations to the attention of as many would-be investors, partners and other interested parties as possible. This is achieved using a comprehensive international database of specialist innovation organisations and technology transfer companies, as well as by promoting new products through such channels as newsletters, printed media and the Internet.

For those that are worried, the Devex Broadcaster service is completely confidential and, in order to make it affordable for inventors at all levels, is available for a monthly fee of just £10 (+VAT) per invention.