Captive listeners

The KAT flometer from Platon Instruments is designed to measure the flow of clean fluid in pipelines. It has been designed for applications in clean water and food manufacturing plants.

The unit clamps permanently to the outside of site pipework and sends ultrasonic signals through the pipewall. The ultrasound path enters the pipewall at an angle, and crosses the flowing liquid to reflect off the inside face of the opposite pipewall. The signal then recrosses the flow and returns to the receiver transducer further downstream.

An electronics display indicates flow rate, gives flow alarm messages and advise of any meter fault conditions.

Each unit uses four spring-ejected captive screw assemblies, manufactured by Southco Europe, to lock the two halves of the main display unit together. The screws remain captive to the unit preventing lost, dropped or misplaced screws.

A long screw projection was required to accommodate the thickness of the casting and the specified thread engagements for the inserts. The screw ejection was another

Another benefit of the captive hardware is that it allows the operator to know immediately when the screw is undone.

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