Car filter lives forever

Visteon Corporation today demonstrated a new filtration system that is designed to virtually eliminate filter maintenance over the lifespan of a vehicle. Dubbed the ‘Long Life Filtration System’, it contains a filter element within an air induction system that is designed to last more than 150,000 miles under normal use.

The reticulated foam filter element is 97 percent porous, so it traps dust and other contaminants within the depths of the foam layers, using the whole volume and not just the surface.

Vehicle manufacturers and consumers will benefit from this new system, Visteon says, because it does not need frequent attention and it is not limited to the traditional ‘under hood’ placement.

Environmentally, the development is noteworthy too. Visteon’s filtration system is manufactured from 25% post-consumer recycled materials and designed so the entire system can be recycled at the end of a vehicle’s life. In addition, because the number of filter replacements over the lifespan of a vehicle is reduced, the amount of solid waste materials entering landfills is also reduced.

The technology is expected to be in production vehicles as early as 2003.

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