Carbon-capture demonstrator

The EDF Group, in partnership with Alstom and Veolia Environnement, is creating a research demonstrator for the capture and storage of CO2 at Unit 4 of EDF’s thermal electricity plant at Le Havre, France.

Technology proposed by Alstom and selected by EDF consists of amine-based post-combustion CO2 capture. According to EDF, it will be tested on the CO2 present in the emissions produced from the burning of coal at the Le Havre plant.

Amines form the basis of the reaction used to extract the CO2 from coal-burning plants and ’amine washing’ technology is already used in the natural-gas purification industry.

The technology to be tested at Le Havre has been developed by the Dow Chemical Company, in partnership with Alstom, for this application, for use within the electricity-generating industry.

This research demonstrator aims to reduce the plant’s amine and energy consumption, while also allowing performance testing of the technology within an industrial setting, and analysis of its flexibility of use.

Veolia Environnement will be involved in the treatment of effluents from the demonstrator and in the evaluation of the captured CO2.

The project will run from 2010 to 2013 and consist of three stages: research, construction and operation. 25 per cent of the financing of the €22m (£19m) project came from the Research Demonstrator Fund, administered by the French Environment and Energy Management Agency.