Carbon Trust invests in Acal Energy’s fuel-cell technology

A fuel-cell technology developed by Acal Energy, a small business in Runcorn, has been selected for a £1m investment by the Carbon Trust as part of its Polymer Fuel Cell Challenge.

Acal Energy’s approach aims to make hydrogen-powered fuel cells affordable enough to be used in mass-market applications such as cars, thus eventually enabling the emergence of a global industry estimated to be worth more than £180bn by 2050.

The company’s solution is potentially simpler and lower cost than conventional polymer fuel-cell technology, addressing the durability and cost issues that have hindered fuel-cell adoption.

Using a low-cost liquid catalyst, Acal Energy has developed a new way of reacting the oxygen in air with hydrogen and detailed Carbon Trust analysis has shown that this technology has the potential to cut system costs, once in mass production, by up to 40 per cent while potentially increasing durability.