Cardiff biodiesel plant review

Flex Fuels Energy (FFE) has announced a review of its plan to design and construct an integrated oilseed processing and biodiesel plant in Cardiff.

The company has reported positive feedback from prospective engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) partners and is assessing various proposals for the design and construction of its South Wales facility. A decision is expected to be made in early October.

Selection will be based on a thorough assessment of the plant’s capacity to meet sustainability standards and achieve good results under the carbon score calculator. Other selection criteria will include prospective profitability and generous shareholder returns.

The current high demand for premium-value rape oil in the food processing industry, as well as in orders for feedstock supply, place FFE in a favourable position. Management believes that strong market conditions could provide the potential for the Cardiff facility to operate in a standalone capacity.

FFE holds a positive outlook for the long-term prospects of the biodiesel market. However, a date for the construction of the biodiesel plant has yet to be determined and remains dependant on the outcome of UK and EU regulatory reviews, as well as the market effects of last month’s Gallagher Review on the Indirect Effects of Biofuels Production.

Graham Hilton, non-executive director of Flex Fuels Energy has said: ‘The development of the integrated plant would also put Cardiff in a strong position for biodiesel production, assuming Europe commits to its own co-production of quality food and fuel rather than the current subsidised imports.’