Cars with chips

Texas Instruments and Mindready Solutions have developed a reference platform for designing automotive control and information systems that interface through the IDB-1394 high-speed serial bus.

By using IDB-1394 technology, designers can hook up DVD video players, navigation systems, digital video cameras, portable storage devices and other electronic devices in an automobile.

The reference platform itself features TI’s TSB43CA43A link layer IC (also known as iceLynx-Micro), which transfers high sample-rate digital audio data between A/V (Audio/Video) receivers and DVD-audio/Super Audio CD players. The iceLynx-Micro also supports digital transmission content protection (DTCP), which is required to send DVD video or audio on automotive networks.

Content can be sent digitally over the 1394 fibre optic bus at 100Mbit/sec with no conversion to analog, down-mixing or down-sampling, which is a requirement of other existing standards.

Auto vendor Renault is the first customer to adopt the platform.