Cartridge to reduce pain of dental injections wins award

An invention that promises to reduce the pain of dental injections has won a national innovation award for its Newcastle University creators.

The special syringe cartridge works by reducing the acidity of the injection by mixing in a neutralising liquid just before the injection is delivered.

Invented by dentist Dr John Meechan and his team of Chris Lawrence and Phil Harley, the syringe technology won the overall Dental and Oral Health section at the recent Medical Futures Innovation Awards.

Dr Meechan said: ’Injections need to be acidic so they can be preserved. But that creates a lot of the pain of the injection and with our device that would not happen. We are not claiming that it will make injections pain-free, but a large part of the pain will be taken away.

’We are at a very early stage in the development of the product, but this award could be a real boost in our aim of getting it on the market and used by dentists around the world.’