Cash for Scottish innovation

Scottish Enterprise has announced the innovative projects from Scotland’s universities and research institutions to be supported in the latest round of its Proof of Concept Programme

Scottish Enterprise has announced which innovative projects from Scotland’s universities and research institutions will be supported in the latest round of its Proof of Concept Programme.

The projects were chosen for support as they have the potential to result in innovative spin-out companies and/or licensing agreements to existing businesses, which will ultimately help grow Scotland’s economy. Each project awarded support has to demonstrate the quality of the research idea and the market demand for the resulting product or service.

Three projects were announced in the Life Sciences industry sector. Strathclyde University is developing a range of inexpensive skin patch solar UV indicators which show a colour change when the wearer is about to get sunburn, and a non-invasive way of monitoring patients’ health without the need for taking blood samples. The Greater Glasgow Health Board is developing a process to allow tissue metabolic activity to be determined using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for the first time. This will help diagnose and treat a range of clinical conditions such as stroke, heart attack, cancer and epilepsy.

In the Electronic Markets sector, Edinburgh University has proposed spoken dialogue software tools which make it easier for businesses, such as call centres, to develop more natural, flexible automated conversations with customers

Under Enabling Technologies and Engineering, Edinburgh University is working on a process that cleans and treats seawater and groundwater water using renewable energy from the sun or wind. The process will also remove inorganic pollutants such as arsenic, fluoride, uranium, nitrate and other compounds which can be responsible for health problems.

The Scottish Enterprise Proof of Concept Programme has awarded funding of just over £1m to these five projects following in-depth feasibility studies to ensure that commercial opportunities for each project are maximised.